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Apollo Water Heaters

We are the residential service experts in Cooling, Air Conditioning and HVAC.


How can I tell if I have an “Apollo” type water heater?

If your water heater also heats your house then you have an “Apollo” type water heater. Usually you will see four water pipes leaving your water heater. It may or may not say “Apollo” on the label. “State” bought out the “Apollo” brand and they still manufacture it. Your heater could be natural gas or propane, traditional venting or direct vent (through the wall).
What is the “Apollo” system?

Builders wanted a way to save money on HVAC in new homes. “Apollo” developed a way to heat a home without a furnace. Hot water is circulated through a coil in a blower unit which also contains a cooling coil. This saved builders approximately $1000 per house.
Will I be better off without my “Apollo” system?

Absolutely, yes. With Apollo, when your water heater fails you have no heat and no hot water. We recommend a separate gas furnace and water heater. This is much more energy efficient as most water heaters are only 50% efficient (flue gases are 900⁰F to 1100⁰F and the burner is 2200⁰F), thus 50% efficient. It is easy to get a furnace from 80% to 96% efficient! (flue gases of 110⁰F!) In addition, we have tankless water heaters that consume $1 to $5 of gas per month! That’s really neat!
Can I still get an Apollo type water heater?

Yes! If for some reason you are not able to upgrade to a more efficient system, we can install another Apollo hot water heater and they are relatively inexpensive.

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