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Furnace Repair Services

heating furnaceWe know what an inconvenience it is to have your heating system break down when you need it the most. So we will try to make this problem as headache free as possible. We understand your time is valuable and a furnace repair is no fun. We know there are a million other things you had rather do than deal with us, so we are here for you when you need us and we will work around your schedule, call us now at 919-676-8882 and you will speak to a very friendly and helpful live person day or night. or click here to contact us for fast furnace repair

We are furnace repair experts

We will send a highly qualified Nate certified technician to your home to properly evaluate your heating system, he will tell you exactly what’s wrong and clearly communicate all of the options available to solve your problem. You will be told an exact price up front before the furnace repair begins, so no hidden cost will be added.We are truly your furnace repair experts. All of our technicians are trained weekly and hold all of the certifications that are the Gold standard in our industry. We are factory certified in every make and model, there’s no furnace repair  we can’t handle.

Google ReviewsIf you like Quality you will love our services. Since 1922 our family has prided ourselves in being the Best at what we do. That means we will only use the highest quality parts and systems available,we stand by 100%. We will never take short cuts or cheat our customers by installing a poor quality system or repair.

Call us now at any of our local phone numbers and find out why 99.9% of our customers refer us to all their friends.

If you have a problem listed below this chart may help you solve a minor problem if not. We are ready to help you today!


Problem Possible cause Solution
No Heat 1. Tripped Breaker or Blown Fuse
1. Check for blown fuses or tripped
    circuit breakers at main entrance
panel, at separate entrance panel,
and on or in furnace; restore circuit.
  2. Switch off. 2. Turn on separate power switch
on or near furnace
  3. Motor overload. call us to repair 919-676-8882
  4. Pilot light out. 4. Relight pilot.
  5. No gas. 5. Make sure gas valve to furnace is
fully open
Not enough heat 1. Thermostat set
too low.
1. Raise thermostat setting 5°.
  2. Filter dirty. 2. Clean or replace filter.
  3. Blower clogged. 3. call us at 919-676-8882
  4. Registers closed
or blocked.
4. Make sure all registers are open;
make sure they are not blocked
by tugs, drapes or furniture.
  5. System out of balance. 5. call us at 919676-8882
  6. Blower belt loose
or broken.
6. call us at 919-676-8882
  7. Burner dirty. 7. Call a professional. 919-676-8882
Pilot won't light 1. Pilot opening blocked. 1. Clean pilot opening.
  2. No gas. 2. Make sure pilot light button
    is fully depressed; make sure
gas valve to furnace is fully open.
Pilot won't stay lit 1. Loose or faulty
1. Tighten thermocouple nut
slightly, if no results, replace
  2. Pilot flame set
too low.
2. Adjust pilot so flame is
about 2 inches long.
  3. Electric pilot faulty. 3. Call a professional.
Furnace turns on and off repeatedly 1. Filter dirty.
2. Motor and/or blower
needs lubrication.
1. Clean or replace filter.
2. If motor and blower have
oil ports, lubricate.
Blower won't stop running 1. Blower control
set wrong.
1. Reset thermostat from
  2. Limit switch set wrong. 2. Reset limit switch
for stop-start cycling.
  3. Limit control
needs adjustment.
3. Call a professional. 919-676-8882
Furnace noisy 1. Access panels loose. 1. Mount and fasten access
panels correctly.
  2. Belts sticking, worn,
or damaged.
2. Spray squeaking drive belts
with belt dressing; replace worn
or damaged belts.
  3. Blower belts
    too loose or too tight.
3. Adjust belt.
  4. Motor and/or
blower needs
4. If motor and blower
have oil ports, lubricate.
  5. Burner dirty.
5. Call a professional. 919-676-8882


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